Колледж библейской подготовки к служениям
English edition
    "Inheritance Biblical College" - A Biblical foundation for ministry

    "Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace,
    which can build you up and give you an inheritance
    among all those who are sanctified." (Acts 20:32)

    The College is intended for Christians of various denominations who already have a particular ministry in the Church or who would like to engage in ministry. The main aim is in-depth and multi-faceted study of Scripture as the Word of God. The College doesn't train students for pastoral, preaching or other specific ministries, but aims to give a deep knowledge of God's Word as the foundation for all ministries in the Church and to instill a love for Scripture.

    Men and women aged at least 21 and usually with higher education are admitted to the College. The decision to admit students is taken after an interview. Tuition fees are payable.

    The basic curriculum of the College is spread over three years. However students may complete their studies in less time or, exceptionally, may extend their studies to a fourth year. The curriculum consists of compulsory subjects and a number of courses chosen by students depending on their area of ministry. The College places special emphasis on individual tutoring of students.

    Basic principles of College life

    1. For the students, teachers and staff of the College the Bible is God's Word.
    2. All students and teachers of the College consider themselves to be students of God's Word and want to grow in love for it.
    3. All ministries of the Church are recognized as essential and equally worthy.
    4. All students, teachers and staff of the College in their work together and in their fellowship with one another seek only that which will glorify Christ and His Church.

    First year programme

    I Semester

    1. Introduction to the Old Testament - I. Ya. Grits 80 hours
    2. Introduction to the New Testament - Rev. A. Lakirev 80 hours
    3. The historical and cultural context of Scripture I - V. V. Sorokin 40 hours
    4. English language I - N. Telepova 40 hours
    5. Bible reading (Lectio Divina) I - I. Ya. Grits, A. I. Cherniak 40 hours

    II Semester

    6. Reading and interpreting the Pentateuch I. Ya. Grits 80 hours
    7. Reading and interpreting the Synoptic gospels Rev. A. Lakirev 80 hours
    8. The historical and cultural context of Scripture II - V. V. Sorokin 40 hours
    9. Bible reading (Lectio Divina) II - I Ya. Grits, A. I. Cherniak 40 hours
    10. English language II (Biblical terms) N. Telepova 40 hours
    11. Special subjects with tutors 40 hours

    Second year programme

    III Semester

    12. Reading and interpreting the Prophets
    13. Reading and interpreting John and the general epistles
    14. Bible reading (Lectio Divina) III - I Ya. Grits, A. I. Cherniak
    15. Fundamentals of exegetics and hermaneutics (optional)
    16. Special subjects with tutors
    17. English language III (Biblical terms)

    IV Semester

    18. Reading and interpreting Scripture
    19. Reading and interpreting the Acts of the Apostles and Paul's epistles
    20. Biblical Greek I (optional)
    21. Biblical Hebrew I (optional)
    22. The ethics of the Decalogue (optional)
    23. The "Kingdom of Heaven" in the Bible
    24. Special subjects with tutors

    Third year programme

    V Semester

    25. The non-canonical books of the Old Testament
    26. Early Church writings
    27. Biblical Greek II (optional)
    28. Biblical Hebrew II (optional)
    29. Individual, family and society in Scripture (optional)
    30. The Church and its models in the Old and New Testaments (optional)
    31. Women in the Old Testament (optional)
    32. Biblical understanding of authority and the state (optional)
    33. Special subjects with tutors

    VI Semester

    34. Reading and exegetical analysis of passages from the Hebrew text of the Old Testament (optional)
    35. Reading and exegetical analysis of passages from the Greek text of the New Testament (optional)
    36. Fundamentals of Old Testament theology (optional)
    37. Fundamentals of New Testament theology (optional)
    38. The apocryphal literature of the Old Testament (optional)
    39. The apocryphal literature of the New Testament (optional)
    40. The history and problems of Bible translation (optional)
    41. Special subjects with tutors

    "Surely a deepened awareness of the living nature of the
    Bible, and of God's continuing guidance of the Church,
    both individual and corporate, through it, is among the
    most essential keys to opening the Christian future.
    The "Inheritance Biblical College" is a modest work which
    provides a paradigm of real importance in this, approaching
    the Bible with both scholarship and prayer and so preparing
    teachers who can handle Scripture with reverence, indeed,
    and with knowledge too, but also with the love and joy
    which bring it to full life in the Holy Spirit.

    +Seraphim Joseph Sigrist: Bishop formerly of Sendai and East Japan"

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